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The municipality of Fiscal was marked by the sad story of the expulsion of the inhabitants of Janovas and the abandonment of the barrage project. The economy of Fiscal is still dominated by agriculture and the construction business. For reasons of social development, the villages that are most remote, have been given up by the population, although there are the National Parcs of Ordesa and of Mont-Perdu, twenty kilometers in the north, Fiscal can't really take profit out of it in terms of tourists. At least, not enough.

To say something about the territory, it appeared necessary to me to be present physically and to follow my subjectivity. I walked as much as I could to see various points of view and to visit all the villages of the community, inhabited and given up. My photographic work is an document-experience. My experience is created in an inhabited and built space, with its own rules and in which various temporalities coexist. It is about the question and the learning process of what is within the framework of the picture.

This project has been conceived in the context of an artistic residency in Fiscal, Huesca, Spain, inside the project «hito-turismo creativo en los pirineos», project supported by the Community of Work of the Pyrenees in a cooperation program of transborder Spain - France - Andorra. It also received the support of the French Ministries of Culture and Communication, State education, Youth and Community life. It is carried by the Government of Aragon, l’Usine - officially agreed place dedicated to street art, Tournefeuille / Grand Toulouse et les Pépinières européennes for young artists.