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PERPETUAL RENEWAL / SLEPPING MARX, Emmanuelle Bayart and Timo Kirez, 2014
Public installation, plaster, artificial hair, sleeping bag, cardboard, paint, straw
Exhibition "Utopia", Génie des jardins 2014, Square Gardette, Paris

We might be living in a time where an universal utopia, one that unites everybody, is absent. Everybody has to find his place in this world by himself. Capitalism, liberated from any restreints, pushes us towards total individualism, and dominates each and every form of social reality. No more class struggle, but more and more left behinds. So where are we actually with our society, and the "conditio humana" ?

It seems like good old Karl Marx is out of business, unemployed in every sense of the word. Sleeping somewhere in a corner, waiting to be awaken, not for melancholic or nostalgic reasons but to guide us away from todays utopian ground zero.

Photo: ©Jean-Claude Ételain