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Inkjet prints 72 x 60 cm and
48 x 40 cm mounted on aluminum

I developed this series because I wanted to revisit my homeland and therefore my origins, to save as well a trace of what constitutes my imaginary and cultural identity. Towards the sea explores a familiar territory of which I’m in this sens depository. The crossed geography extends beyond the district even from my village, of my department, and of my region. I started from there directing me towards the sea, rediscovering and revaluing the crossed places. The plurality of the registers of image employed finds its reason in this quotation : "The images of landscape have three truths to offer to us : geographical, autobiographical and metaphorical.", Robert Adams, Essay on the beautiful in photography. It’s not about facts and information, but more about poetry, history, economics and social relations ; it’s about to live a landscape. Space is occupied by bodies which draw lines and direct its apprehension.