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3,80 x 1,10 m, fer, hold billboard

As for my photographic work, this installation refers to the representation and its staging, to the inscription and its trace.

I adapted informations of a map physically into the space : the name ot the river, Rio Ara, which crosses the village of Fiscal, and the altitude of the traffic circle near by, « 755 ». This installation was made in iron with the help of the village blacksmith, Toni Muñoz Martinez. The inscription Rio Ara was put on a hold billboard on some wasteland, near the river but separated of it by a row of trees, in the entrance of the village. In gray color, the installation is discreet. It is only seen by the one who look for it.

The word Ara is used very often used to name mountains and rivers which are in important areas : Ara, Aragon. Also the dictionary Hiztegia 3000 brings back the following acceptance : ara – earth, camp, like for “arabic”. Curiously, there is also a river called Arakawa (Kawa means river) in Japan.