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FIASCO, 2016, HD, 16/9, color and b&w, 25 min 36 sec, essay (documentary – experimental)
Original versions in French and German, subtitles in English
Extract of the French Version
Extract of the German Version

The short film "FIASCO" is a cinematic and poetic essay which uses the metaphor of a crack in order to examine the social and human crisis in Germany today (where the poverty has never been so strong since the reunion in 1990), and in a larger scale, in Europe. The film shows a pensioner in Berlin, who, for making a living with his insufficient pension, must collect empty bottles in parcs. Starting with the industrial production of bottles, than showing the life of Günther, the German pensioner, and ending on some impressions of Berlin, the film explores the consequences of a social fiasco that leads a society towards a catastrophe.

Directory : Emmanuelle Bayart and Timo Kirez
With : Günther Kroworsch

Voice : Carlo Brandt
Text : Timo Kirez
French translation : Maurice Taszman
Engish translation : Lucinda Rennison
Sound editing and mixing : Adrien Kessler
Recording voice-over : Thierry Simonot

Photography : Emmanuelle Bayart
Editing : Emmanuelle Bayart et Timo Kirez

Calibration : Lucien Keller-COBALT Films Bruxelles
Music "Ein Loch ist im Eimer", Schlagerjuwelen: Medium Terzett-Ihre großen Erfolge

Thanks to Ardagh Glass GmbH, Nina Christe et Bernhard Ferrari, Maureen Crowley-Coffee Schnittchen Kreuzberg, Laurence Favre, Lukas Hermsmeier, Katharina Hohmann, Marion Neumann.

With the support of the City of Geneva